Go further

It's simple — lighten your load, reduce your pack size, move faster and aim for bigger objectives. The SilRefuge disappears in your pack, trail vest or paraglider, yet provides 100% waterproof shelter for two, or exceptional space for a solo adventurer plus gear.


Obsessed with details

Crafted in the high Alps with a nod to tradition, the SilRefuge uses the latest in ultralight, double Silicone coated 100% polyester ripstop fabric. We obsessively count grams, focus on each component, test and refine both our design and materials. For us the SilRefuge represents an unmatched balance of lightness, value and performance.


Made for your sport

Whether your chosen sport is alpinism, fast packing or vol bivouac (or something that hasn't been invented yet) our uncompromising shelter has you covered. Engineered for gram counters, the SilRefuge is made to be the bivouac solution you'll reach for on all your adventures.