Returns and exchanges

Plans change, unexpected things happen, or your job forces you to relocate to sprawling urban metropolis—we get it.

ODONATA GEAR has a no questions asked 30-day return policy for new, unused, still in the package products.

Contact us by email ( to get a return slip. We will guide you through the return process or help you make an exchange for another product if necessary.

Products must be returned in an unused condition with original packaging intact, accompanied by accessories and a copy of the purchase invoice. You do not have to justify the reasons for your return or pay any penalties.

Exceptions on Returns

There are a few things that we're unable to accept as returns:

  1. Products that have been used in the field and/or are dirty.
  2. Seam-sealed shelters that have not been sealed by us. Please set up your shelter and try it out at home before you attempt to seam seal it.
  3. Items that have been modified or customized.
  4. Items sold by us as either Discontinued or Factory Seconds. Before ordering these items please be sure you really want them.

If you've tried out a piece of gear at home and it's just not working for you, let's talk. We handle opened product returns on a case-by-case basis. Generally, we will do what we can to get you squared away.

If your ODONATA GEAR product is defective, our guarantee covers it for one year from the date of purchase.