Our guarantee

If you’re the original purchaser of an ODONATA GEAR product and it fails due to a manufacturing defect within one year of the purchase date, you may return it to us for repair, replacement, or a full refund of the original price at our discretion. Products will be repaired when possible or replaced based on the specific needs of each case.

We invest a lot of time and testing into our products. Bear in mind that every product has a useful lifecycle. The length of that useful product lifecycle will vary depending on how it was manufactured and the materials that went into it, but also due to the maintenance and care the product receives from you and the amount and type of use the product is subjected to over its life.

Our products are constructed from ultralight materials, and some wear and tear is to be expected. Most wear from normal use can usually be easily fixed with seam tape by the user. We're available to provide guidance and advice for repairs and regular maintenance of our products. Drop us a message with your questions.

Things are guarantee doesn't cover

Excessive abrasion, punctures, or tears caused by misuse, accidents, or extreme weather are not covered. Products that have been modified, neglected, stored improperly, used for commercial purposes such as rentals or anything other than normal use are also not covered. Our warranty is intended for the original purchaser only. We cannot guarantee secondhand items, or items transferred or sold to third parties.