About us

Our path

A lifelong proximity to mountains led to the development of ODONATA GEAR. Our first backdrop was the Cascades and glaciated volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest. This led to explorations of the greater ranges of North America, including Denali, and expeditions to the high Andes in South America. Extended backpacking trips to the far corners of Death Valley informed an approach to sustainment in arid conditions. Most recently, we've chosen to call the European Alps our home.

Throughout it all, we gained valuable insights and experience into what worked—and what didn't work so well—in our pursuits from forested valleys to high summits, desert and everything in between. The varied practices of backpacking, adventure travel, alpinism, trail running and paragliding reveal a common thread: the need for light, durable gear that can be relied on when needed.

Today, a small community of like-minded mountain athletes and enthusiasts has gathered around ODONATA GEAR. From our base in Chamonix we design efficient and thoughtful gear that draws on our collective experience. Outside our windows are rugged mountains, wildlife of all kinds and incomparable trails in every direction. We think it's an ideal proving ground to create and test our gear.